about Enlight Storyworks

Enlight Storyworks began in 1992 as the vision of J Moses Ceaser.  At the time, he had just left a Ph.D. program in Sociology and dreamed of bringing together like-minded photographers and writers to jointly pursue human interest stories.  But like what happens to many dreams, reality got in the way and Moses spent much of the next many years juggling his photography with other projects to help pay the bills.  Still, Moses found the time to generally take 2 significant trips a year, either internationally or domestically, where he was able to focus solely on his photography, and that was the case through most of the 1990’s.    In 1998, after a successful stint as the Training Director for Amigos de las Americas, Moses founded a nonprofit called DiversityWorks, dedicated to community-building and anti-oppression activism with young people.  He ran this organization for 6.5 years with some occasional escapes for photography, shows, and producing a line of greeting cards.  Since leaving DiversityWorks in early 2005, Moses started a new photographic venture, Fotomio, which brings Digital Photo Kiosks out to parties and events.  He also hosts a quirky weekly vegetarian cooking group called Frugal Foodies.